Unbne Kids Electric Toothbrush V3 Improved. Autobrush-Edible Grade Silicone Material Brush Head Specially Designed for Toddlers,3-Speed Cleaning Mode Cute Cartoon Fun While Brush,Pink

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  • POWERFUL CLEANING: Ultrasonic electric toothbrush reaches up to 5000-1,5000 rev/min, Sonic electric toothbrush reaches up to 24000 vibration/min, the U-shape power head surrounding and thoroughly cleans multiple surfaces.
  • U-SHAPED BRACES: U-Type brush head Soft bristle toothbrush which made up of food grade silicone, is soft to prevent gum being damaged but strong enough to clean your teeth enamel and gums precisely.
  • WIRELESS CHARGING: Less than 180 minutes a charge, can be used for more than 10 days, truly energy saving and environmental protection.Not like other types of toothbrush users, not only need carry the heavy charging base but also to easily lose it.
  • 3 OPTIOANAL MODES: 1. Strong cleaning mode for powerful teeth brushing; 2. Comfortable cleaning mode; 3. High-frequency massage mode.a truly targeted electric toothbrush for the child's growing age.
  • IPX7 WATERPROOF: The whole body waterproof. Easily and safely enjoy the brushing even in the shower.This toothbrush designed for children to help kids healthy brushing habits.

Product Details

Product Description

Material: Food grade silicone brush head, ABS bod.
Rated voltage: 5 V.
Rated power: <5W
Vibration frequency: 5000-1,5000 rev/min.
Voltage: 220 V.
Product Function:
1. Wireless charging: Charging time less than 90 minutes every time and you can use it more than one week. It's a good helper for kids to travel.
2. All-around clean tooth: Only need 30 seconds to complete 360 degree clean teeth and gum. (Auto stop after 30 seconds)
3. Automatic memory: The intelligent memory user is customary, effect and convenient.
Product Features:
1. U-Shape brush head made of soft food grade silicone material, 360 degree contact gums and teeth.
2. This electric toothbrush can help kids reduce and prevention of gingival atrophy, promote the circulation of periodontal blood.
Packing list:
1x host
1x disinfection bas
1x dust cover
1x brush head
1x charging cable.

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