Infinity Strap ORIGINAL – Endless Strength & Flexibility with a Twist! – 3 Sizes

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  • Unique infinity shape creates a subtle twist that always keeps the dual loops open for easy use and a more ergonomic grip
  • No hardware! - This means nothing to hurt your hands or feet, no loud or disrupting noises when you drop it on the hard floor, and nothing to fumble with and adjust during your peaceful practice
  • Multiple uses - Yoga, Physiotherapy, Strength Training, Gymnastics, and virtually any kind of sports related stretching exercises
  • 100% Cotton material is comfortable to use
  • Machine Wash and Dry

Product Details

Product Description

The Infinity Strap (patent pending) is designed to solve the problems of the traditional Yoga strap by providing an elegant, simple, beautiful and safe alternative. The design of the Infinity Strap is a dual loop with a subtle twist at the center, forming a shape of an endless figure 8, which is illustrated by the timeless symbol of infinity. Because of the subtle twist in the design, each loop always stays open, making it easy to slip over your hand or foot. The twist also makes it very easy and natural to form a good grip, following the natural contours of the body. It also distributes the pressure away from the fingers more broadly over the hand and wrist. The Infinity Strap is made of 1.5 inch wide heavy-duty natural cotton webbing available in three sizes and in several colors. The design structure is incredibly durable. It can be machine washed and dried. Also, since there are no metal or plastic buckles or any other parts to get in the way or complicate things, the Infinity Strap is very natural and easy to use. It is also very safe and quiet when it comes in contact with a hard floor or any other surface. It will not get tangled or bunched up in any way. The infinity sign is one of the most elegant, timeless and simple symbols that exists. It expresses an incomprehensible idea by implying the potentially endless motion of drawing a figure 8. The design is in perfect harmony with several of the ideals of Yoga. Yoga emphasizes the Breath as a primary focus during practice. The motion of the Breath can be visualized as a flow in and out of the body that looks much like an endless loop. Also, much of Yoga practice emphasizes balance, harmony, and symmetry. All of these ideals are contained in the design of the Infinity Strap. It is perfectly symmetrical and balanced in design and function. The uses of the Infinity Strap are endless. Just think of the possibilities when you use two or more!

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