Fisherman Pants Yoga Clothes 1002

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  • Brand new top quality authentic "Gangaeng Chaolay" Thai Fisherman pants for men, women and pregnant or pregnancy.
  • Perfect for Yoga, Martial Arts, Maternity, Dance, the beach and more! Thai
  • Fisherman Pants measure about 50" around the waist and total length is about 31"-32". One size fits most!
  • Fisherman pants are hand made in Thailand of strong and durable soft cotton Rayon.

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Indian mulberry or noni (Morinda citrifolia Linn.) is a common herb in Thailand, where it is much prized as a longevity tonic. It has multiple uses as household remedy for things from diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and various joint problems, bruises, various skin problems, menstrual cramps, indigestion, common cold, migraine, improving mental alertness to pain reliever. Research found that noni has analgesic effects, can boost the body's immune system and treat high blood pressure and respiratory problems. Dubbed "the King of Health" this herb is a natural anti-oxidant which helps the kidney to rid the body of toxins. Its leaves contain vitamins and minerals including calcium, vitamin A and C, phosphorus and iron.

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