Anti Fungal Nail Treatment | Severe Fungal Nail Treatment for Toenails Extra Strong | Extra Large 75ML USA Bestseller

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  • BESTSELLER in severe fungal nail treatments amongst Podiatrists in Netherlands & USA.
  • TOENAIL FUNGUS TREATMENT SINCE 2001 - trust an established brand to treat your fungal nails infection.
  • NO CONTAMINATION-BY-USE. Drops instead of swabs, so there's zero contact (recontamination) between nail fungus and product.
  • XL DOSE - 75ML. Great value at a low Price/ML compared to competing antifungal nail treatment products.
  • As seen on YouTube ''The Meticulous Manicurist Nail Tutorials'' - as one of the few nail fungus treatments that work

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Nail Mycosis Solution Visible results within 3 weeks!
Imperial Feet Nail Mycosis Solution is highly effective treatment against fungal nails. Compared to Scholl Fungal Nail Treatment and Cura Nail, the bottle contains a drop instead of an infected swap.
The Nail Mycosis Solution has been formulated by foot care specialists and is an award winning product in the USA and the Netherlands.
This anti fungal treatment is suitable for diabetics. Features - Designed to target fungal nails - Reaches the nail bed easily - Healthy nails will grow back during the treatment - Suitable for diabetics - Natural ingredients User Description - File the nail down as thin as possible. Preferably by a pedicure or podiatrist. - Drop the product twice a day - Rub in gently on all the nails and toes - File the nail down weekly so the product can reach the nail bed perfectly - Keep the file clean and disinfected -
For best results: use Imperial Feet shoe and sock preventive - Wash socks on 60 degrees. Use in combination with our Anti Fungal Cream: Imperial Feet Foot Balm Green. Ingredients Glycerin,tea -tree oil, jojoba oil, sodium borax.

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