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  • Ankle Strap-PRO-FIT AUTHENTIC Leather -Padded SOLD SINGLE

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Shihan Ankle Strap The ankle strap is an attachment for leg pulley-type exercise work that basically falls into the cable system exercise category. It is good for working the lower body, particularly the legs, for men. The legs can be thoroughly worked at multiple angles and can strengthen the hips, thighs, knees, and ankles. A nice benefit of the ankle strap is that it is small and fits well into gym or exercise bags, thus making it easily portable. How to Use the Ankle Strap The Shihan ankle strap is simple to use. It straps around the ankle, buckles (or Velcro sticks) and is attachable to a pulley. The ankle strap can work your legs at multiple angles. Exercises can be performed while standing, sitting on the floor or standing on the floor.

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