Walking Accessories that are extremely helpful – Part 1 of 2

Walking as I have mentioned a lot of times is an extremely healthy activity. It is simpler than jogging and puts less stress on your knees and ankles. It is also easier to get used to – often people looking to shed weight are confused and self-conscious about being able to replicate regular people who jog.
Walking offers an easy way to get started and slowly becomes a habit that you can carry over a long time.
Before you start walking regularly, you should know about some accessories that will help you in your routine walks.

Pedometers are great tools to monitor your daily walks. They help you analyze and monitor your progress. We have already talked in detail about how helpful pedometers can be so I will not go in too much detail.

Biggest Benefit:

They let you monitor your daily walk even when you are doing your routine tasks. This helps create a sense of achievement which increases positive energy.
Heart Monitor:

This is an important accessory and must be used by individuals who are keen to take their health to the next level.

How do heart monitors work:

Hear monitors track your cardiac function by monitoring your beats per minute. This provides critical data about human heart during intense activities which a person carries on every day. When you exercise, your heart rate jumps up – if untrained extreme exercise instead of beneficial is dangerous for the heart.

Athletes train their heart through practice so that it keeps working within normal limits. The tiredness and breathlessness that you feel in exercise is a direct result of increased cardiac activity.

If you are a beginner, you have to find suitable parameters for the working of your heart. As long as you stay within these parameters, you will find yourself safe from dangers involved in over exertion. It is hence very important for individuals to keep a track record of their heart rate through heart monitors.

There is more, most heart meters come with advanced features including calories burnt, alarms if heart rate is reaching dangerous levels and other extremely important information that your body is generating.

Biggest Benefit:

Heart monitors are extremely beneficial for both beginners and advanced users. When you are a beginner, you require an understanding of your upper and lower limit. Heart monitors help you achieve an idea about these limits. Now you can exercise without fear of burnout, fatigue and over exertion and focus on just exercise alone. For advanced users, the information provided by heart monitors can be used to find out progress in their abilities. The learning curve is often steep in the start but overtime it slowly plateaus. At such instances, people often require encouragement to see whether they are really improving any further or not.

With the help of heart monitor, such information is no longer based on speculations. You can easily see that upon more exercise or walk, your heart will tend to remain stable longer and provide you with more stable beats per second or minute readings.

We will discuss other important walking accessories in part 2 of the article Photo credit: marumeganechan / Foter / CC BY-ND