The Guide to a Perfect Bikini Body: New Year Special Part (II)

The first part centered around making minor adjustments to your eating routine – minor adjustments that have a major impact on the body. Once you have been able to adjust your fat intake it becomes easier to have an exercise regime that will help you to burn the excess fat already present in the body,

The best time to make such a resolution is now, as not only you have a complete year to stick to your goal, you can also have a perfectly fresh start. Our brains are fine tuned to work with different milestones in a major objective picture – we are tuned from childhood to have two days in the week where we can relax and enjoy; these days “the weekend” offer us a chance to replenish our energies and start the week with more vigor. The same goes when a new year starts, not only it gives us a clean slate for the last year, it also provides us with renewed ambition and energy. It is imperative that you are able to translate this positive energy into a tangible and realistic goal.

Regular Exercise is the best exercise:

Exercise requires routine in order to be useful. If you go to the gym expecting to lose weight within a fortnight, odds are you will be extremely disappointed at the end of the tenure. You need to create a regular sustainable routine that works for you over a longer period of time. Having a bikini body is not easy, if it was easy, we all would be having perfect bodies. The reality is that there is plenty of effort and pain involved in the background. The output however majestic is the result of a long process that takes dedication spanned over few years – there is no magic lamp that you can rub and get your wishes fulfilled.

Vital Minerals and Probiotics:

Your body requires a constant and consistent dose of vitamins to function properly – it is imperative that the supply line is maintained perfectly. Magnesium, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, Iron and other such minerals are necessary requirements for the body. The Journal of Nutrition was able to find sufficient evidence of the link between weight loss and magnesium intake. Vitamin D on the other hand is able to help muscle growth and despite common belief many people have Vitamin D deficiencies resulting in low muscle growth despite tireless work in the gym.

Vitamin C is able to help oxidization and is a useful agent that helps the immune system to create muscle mass and work as an anti-oxidant. Not only you can use pills to gain vitamins, you can tune your diet and add enough fruits to avoid any possible deficiencies that may occur. Once you are exercising and it can be anything from running on a treadmill to lifting weights, it is necessary that you manage your vitamins.

A common and easy solution is to have vitamin supplements along with food supplements to manage effective control over the intake of these extremely useful elements. Alternatively you can increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables and although most of your requirements will be fulfilled by such, some deficiencies may still remain.

Probiotics are useful and required bacteria that live inside our guts – not only are they helpful in digestion and food processing, they are an integral part of our digestive and immune system. These bacteria provide the human body with useful materials that the body is unable to extract on its own. Modern studies have shown direct link between the probiotics and obesity – a scenario that makes usage of probiotics a necessity for everyday life. The good news is that probiotics are easy to obtain, a simple serving of yogurt every day has enough probiotics to help your body function normally.

There are problems though, despite the fact that yogurt is rich in probiotics, it also contains fat content and hence the diet of yogurt should be regulated. It is always better to use low fat yogurt rather than rich yogurt. Such an approach helps you with a controlled intake along with probiotics doubling up the health benefits.
Consulting a nutrition expert and having a diet chart:

This is the best time to consult a nutritionist – the start of the year, 52 weeks ahead, time to plan and ample motivation to last you the remaining year. Once you consult an expert, you will be able to have a clear vision for you to follow. If you need to buy exercise equipment, or other related stuff, it seems the perfect opportunity. Consider it as giving a gift to yourself; you have done enough all year to deserve a gift.

The best part about having a diet chart and exercise regime is that it will provide you with a consistent clear goal. The lack of clarity often results in muddle thoughts and confusions which are negative energy generating forces.
Break down your targets, start by walking or light exercise, eat healthy and consume less, learn to cook and spend some quality time creating meals for you, regulate your vitamins, consult a doctor, buy some exercise equipment and work consistently towards the bigger goal. Bikini body is not a dream, it is not even a marketing ploy that companies you to lure you in buying substandard products, it is just a realistic target that you can achieve. It is also a standard that can help to inspire you to be the best that you can be – without a need on impressing others or conforming to social norms.

The end result matters but so to the journey and if you start it today, you will be able to live a healthy happy life.
That is then, the real goal and one that you should aspire to achieve
Happy New Year – may this year bring for you everything that you desire!!! Photo credit: Butz.2013 / iW / CC BY