The Guide to a Perfect Bikini Body: New Year Special Part (I)

The most important present that we can give ourselves is actually a healthy body. It is not an easy present to give and most of the times it will take appreciable effort, but at the end of the day it is going to be worth much more. The confidence that a healthy body can bring to a personality is limitless, not only you will be able to enjoy life; you will be able to win at life.

New Year’s Day is the perfect day to make one important promise to your own self. Consider this, no matter what shape you are in, what sort of habits you have developed, once you have set your mind towards a health goal, you can achieve your goal.

No more dreaming, no more wondering, this is the chance to get started in the right direction. Once you have started the journey, you will eventually reach your goal. After all, the people having the perfect bikini bodies put valuable time and effort to stay that way, and you can be one of them as well.

How to lose body fat effectively – Step 1) Reduced Intake:
The first step and the most important one is lose body fat that has hampered your confidence for a long time. Men and women have different sort of bodies, making it impossible to have one generic formula that will work for all genders. The first step to reduce weight is to reduce fat intake.

The most common source of fat in our body is oil. We fry many things that can be eaten as boiled, baked, steamed or roasted just to name a few alternative ways. If we are able to effectively eliminate frying, a major chunk of food fat is removed from our diet. It takes time to get used to eating say a poached egg from a fry egg but considering the benefits, it is a great option.

Once you have eliminated the obvious fat intake, keep an eye on the sneaky ones which you do not even always consider. Butter, mayonnaise, sour cream, and other sauces that contain appreciable fat contents must not be consumed frequently. Find alternatives that are good at replacing the taste and texture and use them consistently. The first few weeks will be different but once you are past the first few days, everything else should just be a continuation of the habit.

The third step is using more steaming and roasting for your meat products. Desserts and other sweets almost always contain extra butter as well and unless you are not very careful in calorie counting, a small single serving will be enough to create havoc to your daily calorie input. The best way to get through this phase is to start taking an interest in cooking yourself. Get some non-stick pans and other kitchen ware that allows you freedom to use less oil. Start with a few non-stick pans and a steamer and possibly a good cook book containing low fat recipes.
Our taste buds are able to adopt very efficiently and in quick time. The first few meals may feel a bit different but the more you cook, the more you will be able to appreciate the taste of your oil free cooking. There are tons of basic dessert recipes; the vegan alternatives as well provide great options to people wanting to avoid animal fat. Once you have mastered the art of basic cooking, you will be able to cook a full course meal with almost very low fat content. The fiber content in vegetables and grains is important, and they also help providing the fulfilling feeling that will make you happy after a wholesome lunch or dinner.
Allow yourself a taste of simple herbal teas, not everything needs to be always exotic to help your system, simple lemon honey tea (honey added in hot water after which a few drops of lemon juice can be added – best if fresh lemons are used for the tea) is a great alternative for sugar cravings. Honey is better than sugar and provides sweetness and aroma even when the quantity is sufficiently low. Having a cup of lemon honey tea, or some other tea after a wholesome meal helps in digestion along with providing the feeling of warmth and comfort.
Place a salad bowl in the middle of the dining table and be gracious in making salads. Add fruits and vegetables like cucumber, salad etc. to your regular meals. Instead of adding sour cream, mayonnaise or salad dressing use simple herbs in lemon juice. Herbs like thyme in lemon juice are perfect for pouring on salads. Black pepper in small amounts with herbal salts, dried coriander and mint leaves also add aroma and taste to salads. There is no reason to think that health foods are tasteless, they are less oily, light and can be created into perfect blends.
The last but not the least will be to staying away from junk and fast foods. It is hard to fight against cravings but if you manage to have a schedule your intake properly, you will have fewer cravings for fast food. Have one or two days a month fixed for fast food, on other days try avoiding them and you will be perfectly able to manage it slowly. Sweet drinks, excessive alcohol drinking and snacks constitute of our major calorie intake, reducing them marginally will have a massive impact on the fitness of our body.
Once your intake is reduced, the body will start using fat already stored within your system.
The earlier you do it, the better for the body :) Photo credit: 勞動的小網管 / iW / CC BY-NC-SA