How can walking regularly, change your life for the better? (Part 1/3)


It is another year, another beginning and some people will be trying their best to start their life on a better note. I am assuming you are one of those people who want a fresh start to life in this year. If you are one of those who wish for better things to happen in comparison to last year, you are at the right place.
Over the course of a few years, I have been trying my level best to keep people interested in the healthy life style. It isn’t difficult but it is also not easy. As I have said countless times, there are no shortcuts. People need to understand this today that life does not offer any shortcuts. I need to say this even more today because every time I turn on the TV channel or look at some internet sites, I see people talking about miracle diets and rapid solutions. Such things do not exist and I cannot repeat this often. There is no short cut to better health (as of now). You cannot just eat something and think that it will fix everything.
The human body is designed to endure hardships. It is like a machine that requires to be used regularly and properly. You cannot sit idle and be reckless and hope that all is going to be fine. You have to take charge and as I can testify from my own experiences, if you try, you will be able to do so. At the start of this New Year, I will start afresh in mentioning some of the core concepts that can help you live a better life.
As I have stated earlier, I am a massive fan of regular walks. In my opinion, regular walking is simple, easy, and thoroughly enjoyable activity. In this series of articles, I will try to refresh memory of old followers and provide some material for new readers. At the end of the day, you control your health and only you are responsible for it.
In the first two articles, I will be presenting some views from famous and respectable doctors, and in the last one, I will be doing a small recap of the last year along with some discussion on health trends for 2016.
I hope you end up reading all the articles; together we can work for a better us. Let us take the opportunity for this New Year and finally fulfill our New Year resolution. Photo credit: eliot. via / CC BY-NC-SA