Hello Life – the power of positive thinking (Part II)


When was the last time you did something for the first time?
When was the first time you did something for the last time?
That walk in the forest just close by that you have always wanted to go. The same place that you have always planned but for one reason or the other failed to do so!!!
The gym that you just walk past by every single working day and think to join but never really have the courage!!!
The lake in your home town that you used to swim in as a child and want to swim still but never have the time to go there. And you still wish but are unable to do so…

This year you have a chance again to do all those little things that you always wanted to. I mean, we all have to work; in most cases we often love our jobs as well. The problem starts when the work life balance starts to shift towards work; it may not always be uber obvious, we may be taking weekends off to relax and have fun but it is not always as simple as it seems. The mental stress, the strain involved from doing mental activities and the habit of thinking about work even while we are relaxing are little signs that we have given up to our work.

Let me be honest, professional work is a difficult activity, not only it requires our utmost attention and concentration, it requires us to be extremely dedicated to it. I am talking about all the doctors, the engineers, the busy people running the business world and all others trying to make a better life. Our life becomes so busy that we often lose the ability to see the forest from the trees, it all becomes muddled. In our heads, we confine our world to our work and limit our life.

Healthy life is not a state; it is a fact that remains hidden to many of us. Healthy life is a process, just as life in itself is a continuous activity; achieving health is a continuous process. It requires meticulous planning, consideration, effort and most importantly it requires us to enjoy the whole process of remaining healthy. Our mind works in strange ways, ways that often are hard to fathom. Every individual is wired differently, talking to nutrition experts; they say that a lot of people claim that life is unfair to them. A common complaint of people visiting them is that despite eating less and working out, some people struggle with maintaining a healthy wait. They all have people in their circle who are always skinny and healthy despite eating whatever they want and having a lifestyle of their choice, yet they seem to be the people still gaining weight and losing their health.

For starters, and I will talk more about it in the next blog, the human body is still being researched and more and more scientific reasoning is being discovered. For starters, the first thing required to start a healthy life is having a positive attitude towards healthy living. The tasks that we really enjoy doing are the tasks that we become good at. Consider the example of video games, when you start playing them, it is difficult to do well in them. Yet you keep practicing, playing the same levels again and again until you become a master in them. There is a tremendous amount of effort and energy spent in mastering a video game but since you mostly enjoy the experience, you are bound to get better. There are off course points during the struggle when you feel flustered and frustrated and in some cases if the struggle is so hard you eventually give up; that is when you realize that the particular game was never meant for you. Exercise and healthy life are a similar struggle, there will be pretty much many moments almost every day when you will feel that; “no, this is not worth it”. The feeling though needs to be managed and managed effectively. For that you have to realize the few things from which the first one is this

Understand your breaking point:
You must in all cases have an idea about the extremes to which your body can go. There are seven billion inhabitants on the planet and a few of us have abilities that are different to other people. If you want to start running a marathon and you have never had any serious practice or training, chances are your first attempt will almost always fail.
The moment you decide to start breaking the hold of previous habits, start in small incremental steps. The first steps, despite being looking easy are the hardest to climb. You have been wondering about them so long and denying them in your head that you need a massive reserve of positive energy to ultimately surmount the first hurdle.
Now once that you have done this, you need to find a break point and stop just before it!!!
I am myself a big advocate of walking; it is a great start and a genuinely small step towards the bigger goal of health and wellness. Let it be the first time of something special; that first walk in a beautiful winter evening, as the snow sets deep around you and the last rays of evening sun illuminate the day; take that walk that you have been holding yourself back from. Your life needs a healthy and happy you!!
Let your positive thinking help you to create a new legacy!!!
Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year
Also valid for all other people celebrating different special occasions