Good bye 2015 – Welcome 2016; Recap from the health world!


Well 2015 is over and 2016 has finally started.

Myths of 2015:

  1. We will finally find a health food that will help us fight obesity: 2015 started with a lot of fanfare about people finally being able to solve the jig saw puzzle of magical health foods. There was a lot of talk but it all materialized to nothing. There were no miracle foods, no omega 3 supplements and no magical pills that could help for weight loss or better health.

  1. The diet pills will finally start working: Another thing that did not happen in 2015 was that diet pills continue to remain a sham. No matter how they are marketed and sold, it is still pretty obvious that no such miracle drug has been invented.

Facts of 2015:

  1. Organic food has silently gained more importance: Last year, organic foods started to become main stream. There is still debate about their benefits but the bottom line is, in 2016, organic food market will continue to grow,

  1. De-Toxins, Omega 3 and other health foods: Eating yogurt remained a good thing, having less meat, going for green tea and other healthy trends remained “in” all year round. Although we are consuming more junk food than ever, people are beginning to start viewing at health foods and other healthy alternatives with less suspicion.

  1. Exercise still isn’t main stream: In most modern world societies, exercise still didn’t become main stream. Although more people are exercising than before, a vast majority still are not exhibiting regular exercise.

  1. Fat shaming and cyber bullying continues to happen: No matter how much we try to push it under the carpet, bullying and fat shaming remains a constant problem the world over.

What should we expect in 2016?

Pretty much the same as 2015

Although certain things will continue to improve (more research on organic food), a miracle cure is still out of sight. In order to remain healthy, people should remember to eat healthy and fresh. Meat should become an optional item rather than a necessity.

One thing that continues to remain a constant in healthy life is walking. In 2015 doctors all over the world recommended people to walk and they will continue to do so in 2016 as well. On that note, it is good to say goodbye to the last year and begin another one – hopefully, this one will be even better than the last.
Good luck and keep walking!

Photo credit: stevendepolo via / CC BY Photo credit: Nikita Kashner via / CC BY-NC-ND