9 Reasons why Morning walks are the best start of the day and can lead to long life.


Mornings are a difficult time– most of the people are stressed out for the busy day ahead or wish to relax because it is a weekend. A very low percentage of people are actually morning people and most people wake up to a dreaded sound of the alarm. Not an ideal case when you wish to live a happy and long life however with a little tweak in your morning routine, you can reap many benefits of early morning walk.
Morning walks have been scientifically validated as one of the most significant of all physical exertions. There are no current impending dangers hovering over it as it is one of the safest physical exertions suitable for everyone. It is perfectly safe and completely harmless for everyone, irrespective of their age as human beings are naturally designed to walk and contain long lasting stamina to walk.
  1. Ideal for weight loss: The human metabolism has been designed in such a way that it works best after long breaks. Normally in a 24 hour day, the longest gap between two snacks comes between dinner and breakfast. Any light exercise in the morning is a better strategy towards weight loss and walking is ideal because it’s a rhythmic long activity.

  1. Gets the energy level high in the morning and maintains a good start to the day: Walking offers a great boost for a long difficult day. It provides you with an opportunity to start a day full of energy and also helps in maintaining energy levels throughout the day.

  1. Helps increase immunity by offering positive stimulant to immune system: The immune system gets a hormone boost early morning and continues to work on that through the day.

  1. Offers ideal help against heart disease: Not only it is a good exercise, if you are walking outside, the air is at its freshest and cleanest. This provides antigens and positive feeling that helps fighting off heart disease among other things.

  1. The best anti-depressant on offer which is free: A timely walk every morning helps keeps the system in balance and stress at bay.

  1. An ideal sleep schedule: Morning walks are good way to fix your sleep schedule and wake up when necessary.
  2. Better blood circulation: Your blood circulation becomes absolutely perfect if you prefer going for a brisk morning walk. This in turn reduces the risk of many diseases which may be the cause of the lack of physical activities.

  1. A proper fight against diabetes: Diabetes patients are regularly advised by doctors to take regular morning walks. Regular walking habit early morning has resulted in lower medication levels for diabetes patients.

  1. The perfect daily routine: An early wake up time, ample time to take breakfast, enjoy a little morning walk, shower, and rest can help you create a perfect daily routine based on your work schedule. No stressing out, no running about trying to fix a last minute sandwich, and easy morning routine to start a day filled with adventure.
Photo credit: be creator via Foter.com / CC BY