7 Reasons why you should start walking immediately!!!


Walking is an essential activity, unlike running it is mild and makes us less breathless. While we are running we do not get enough time to contemplate, while walking we have all the time in the world to contemplate and think our life through. It is a beautiful activity, a slow mild sensation of being with oneself and being in perfect harmony. Unlike running, it is also simple. You need certain amount of stamina to run, walk, we all can do it. Some off course can walk more than others but that is not the point, the point is walking is easy.

Years ago, an aunt of mine was having lots of problems in life. She was getting to that part of age where people are encumbered by responsibilities and they lose a lot of their drive and happiness. Life was becoming mundane for her and we were seeing in front of our own eyes, a colorful happy person turning in a bore old drab. She was frequently having health related problems, her job was good, their marriage was good and kids were starting to find their feet in life yet there was still something that was totally missing from her life. After frequently visiting doctors for various appointments, she finally got a doctor who advised her to walk for 30 minutes a day. For her, this was a shock to her system, she was someone who did exercise and go to gym and just walking was difficult for her but the doctor asked her to “just do it anyways”.

In a few months we saw her transform back to her colorful self, we would see her smile a lot more, laugh heartily and a lot of stress and her problems were over. Ever the curios I asked her, what has changed? She told me now she has a vent to take her frustrations out, when she walks, she feels free. She loved the outdoors and now she had time to spend in them, at peace with herself, thinking about things that mattered. For us it was a great learning experience and we were impressed. Both at the wisdom of the doctor and the benefits of walking Here I am listing seven of the simplest benefits that can be easily gained if we start walking. These include but are not limited to
• Reduced coronary problems. Better heart health
• Improvement in blood pressure and blood sugar levels
• Improved blood lipid profile
• Maintain constant body weight, walk prevents and fights against obesity
• Decreased depression, increased satisfaction and better mental health
• Breathing pattern regulation, better lung health
• Increased energy for daily activity. Walking initiates chemical balance providing us extra energy to function
These are just some of the main benefits of walking, there are much more. For a healthy life; “keep smiling, keep walking”