7 Reasons how family walks can help you become a better family plus a healthy person

1. Walking gives time to have family gathering
We live in a world where time is premium. Everyone is almost busy doing something. It is difficult to find family time together and almost everyone in the house seems to have a different specific schedule. Walking offers a wonderful leisure activity that the whole family can enjoy at the same time. This offers a bonding experience like no other – a time where you can leisurely stroll around the park and get things done as well. It offers a perfect opportunity for the entire family to put out their devices to the side and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.
2. Walking gives strength to your heart (in more than one way) When you spend time with your family, it will give you enlighten you about the things that the other person is going through. Research has provided slight evidence that people tend to be more open during the time they are exercising. The exact reason is unknown and scientists are still working on to find the exact reason but one of the reasons associated with this is the hormonal shift in the body that helps people relax while exercising. Hence walking can not only make the heart healthy, it also offers you an opportunity to connect better with your partner and your kids at the same time. Two benefits in one. 3. Lose weight together In a lot of cases, obesity problems can run through the entire family. This happens when people are collectively into bad habits. Walking can help you become slimmer but also provide a perfect opportunity to talk about such issues.
4. Avoid dementia and create new memories Research has shown that walking can help people fight dementia. Not only it can help you fight dementia, collective walking can help you to make new memories. 5. Free vitamin D
Vitamin D is a proven source of health and an anti-depressant. The modern life means that there are hardly any opportunities to get this free supplement. You are either traveling in a car or staying indoors. If you manage to sort your schedule, you can enjoy walking with your family and have free Vitamin D dose, every single day.
6. Extra energy to go through the day and perfect family relaxation Exercise is known to boost energy levels and relax at the same time. Walking is the easiest exercise and offers a perfect family relaxation for anyone involved. 7. Collective happiness
Exercise helps release hormones in the body that create an air of happiness. When all the members in the family go out together, this can help create a collective air of happiness. Get your family today and convince them to take a walk with you and enjoy these wonderful benefits.

Photo credit: Glyn Lowe Photoworks. via Foter.com / CC BY