6 useful Vitamins that every woman should be aware of

The vitamins that you need to stay healthy are secretly hidden all around you!

The vitamins that you need to stay healthy are secretly hidden all around you!

The more you look after your body, the better quality of life you will have. Vitamin intake in appropriate amount is very important after all they are not called “Vital Minerals” for nothing. Vitamins are available in almost every natural food; however how the food is processed has a huge impact on their existence in the final product that you consume. Some people regularly consume vitamin supplements, although it is helpful we strongly believe that it is not a great long term solution and things which can be obtained naturally should be consumed in their natural form.

Vitamin A – the real super hero:

This is the real super hero providing antioxidants and fighting aging every day for you. In order to have fresh and healthy look it is very important to keep it in your regular diet. This vitamin helps provide tightness to the skin hiding away the stretch marks and dark circles plus giving you a boost of antioxidants fighting against unwanted fat. Eat some carrot salad or carrot soup regularly to keep the supplies of vitamin A replenished.

Vitamin B – The B family;

This vitamin family is responsible for toning your muscles, maintaining good metabolism and keeping the mind sharp. If you are on a mission to shed some extra weight and get the perfect bikini body, it is very helpful to include it in your diet. Whole grain breads, beans and daily cereals contain enough of these vitamins to keep you going. Processed flour is not rich in this so another reason to stay away from the baked delights unless they are whole wheat. Unless you have a medical condition, gluten free foods have no particular impact on your body.

Vitamin C – the immunity creator:

The vitamin helps to increase immunity and keep heart problems at bay. Strong heart and immunity are the things that will help you very much for your exercise regime. The best way to get homemade vitamin C is to take the peel of an organic orange and drying it. Once it is dry use a coffee maker or some blender to make powder from the peels. One table spoon of the powder would be enough supply for the day. This way you will not only eliminate waste but get free supply of vitamin C even after the oranges are consumed.

Vitamin D & E:

While vitamin D is commonly mentioned, vitamin E saw resurgence in 2013 when people again started to talk about it. Research has shown that E deficiency really hinders brain growth. Vitamin D has multiple benefits and plays a central role in muscle functioning. Both of these vitamins are difficult to get through the diet alone so a supplement containing both is often recommended by doctors. Check with your local physician for your body and in the meanwhile enjoy nuts, milk, seeds and spinach to replenish the stocks.


Calcium is an extremely important mineral for women of all ages. Unlike men, the bones start losing their density once the women enters her twenties. There are natural foods like milk and cheese which contain calcium naturally but most often it is not enough for the needs of the body. A supplement is a good idea for Calcium to retain a healthy life. More and more women have realized this and this trend has really been strong and it continues to grow. The difference in lifestyle of modern day women where gym activity is a common occurrence has also increased the importance of this supplement. Strong bones mean ability to do weight training and muscle building exercises with ease hence it is highly recommended to consult with your physician on calcium deficiency.


A strong body requires strong and healthy blood. Iron being a component of blood is needed more for women than men. Doctors have a common consensus that women having heavy periods needs higher intake of iron to balance the loss of iron from their body. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, iron supplements are a must for you, in most cases. If you are able to eat red meat you are covered up on iron. For vegans and vegetarians, kale or beans are rich in iron and can help you in decreasing the frequency of iron supplements. Having a steady and balanced diet can be very helpful for women wanting to lose weight and get ideal health. A lot of food trends now dictate the people to eat healthy and clean food rich in natural vitamins and eat less processed food. The information provided here is not medical advice and we are not liable for any legal claim. The purpose is to provide a general guideline and create awareness about vitamins and their benefits to your body so that you stay healthy.

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