Weight Vest – 20kg


    • Increase the workload of your training session
    • Burn more calories- lose weight
    • Increase metabolic rate
    • Improve muscle and bone density
    • ake your kettlebell training to a whole new level

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    Product Description

    The Power Weighted Vest will help you:•    Increase the workload of your training session•    Burn more calories- lose weight•    Increase metabolic rate•    Improve muscle and bone density•    Increase muscle strength and endurance•    Take your kettlebell training to a whole new level•    Increase the demand on body weight exercisesThe Power Vest is ideal for men and women who have mastered training with their body weight and would like to add that extra resistance. Great for calisthenics and kettlebell exercises. The load is evenly distributed across a larger surface area (your torso), keeping the load proximal to your core, which minimizes stress on the joints while still providing substantial fitness gains. Take it off and all of a sudden everything becomes easier! By wearing the Power Vest your muscles are forced to work harder for the duration of your workout. Research shows that up to 40% more calories are burned than in a normal session.The Power Vest weighs in at 10kg when fully loaded with 20 x 0.5kg steel bars. This enables you to deload the vest at 0.5kg increments to your desired weight. The Power Vest is suitable for all fitness levels and is adjustable to all body types and sizes.The Power Vest is the most comfortable and easiest way to load up your workout. The weighted Power Vest loads your body without impeding your workout.

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