The Sand Bag for Strength and Fitness

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  • An intense training tool
  • Increase and decrease weight
  • can be used in little space
  • Excellent for core strength and general fitness
  • Used by novice and experienced practitioners

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Product Description

Sandbag training is tough. It's hardcore and aimed at those individuals that like to push themselves to the limit. Sand Bags are awkward. They're not like those perfectly balanced tools you'll find in those pretty health clubs. They're raw, ugly and darn right brutal to handle. They literally have a life of their own as the centre of mass continually moves and shifts as you try and tame it. This means that you have to be on the ball to use them. You'll be forced to integrate your whole body to keep the bag under control; your back, hips, grip and core will be screaming for a break in minutes. Power Bags give an intense and cruel workout like no other. There are hundreds of exercises you can use for this old school device. Use it for conditioning or just pure strength. Lift, drag, throw, carry, squat or press it. You are only limited by your imagination. The Sand Bag pack includes: * One 60cm x 85cm sandbag made from very heavy duty nylon Cordura fabric. This fabric is rip proof and abrasion resistant. * Three inner bags to easily load or unload your sandbag to your desired weight. * Sand not supplied. The Sand Bag is the ultimate free weight and will give you a break from the tedious and often boring routines associated with gym training. User Guidelines: * For longevity of your Power Bag, avoid dropping from over head. * The strap at the top of the bag is designed to choke off the bag, using the strap as a handle may compromise the seams of your Power Bag. * Using gaffa tape to seal the inner bags will prevent any sand leaking out.

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