Stripey Red Large Yoga Equipment Kit Bag

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The Stripey Red Yoga Equipment Kit Bag can contain a full range of yoga equipment, such as the 2 x Blocks, 2 x Bricks, 1 x Classic Mat, 1 x Blanket and 1 x Belt. The Bag will also fit the Back or Easy Arch inside. One can also carry in this bag a Mat, Towel & practice wear to the gym. The long handles mean the bag can be carried in the hand, over the shoulder or, like a rucksack. The Bag also has a zip pocket to hold keys and a purse. It is also ideal for teachers as it will hold several Yoga Mats to take to class. Note: Also, serves as a mat bag for our 15mm Pilates Mats as the extra long zip opening allows for easy access for bulkier objects. As the zip is double, you can also use this bag with a 80cm mat though the mat will protrude from one end.

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