PROKTH Electric Toothbrush 360° Ultrasonic Cold Light Whitening Toothbrush Variable-Frequency Fully Automatic U Type Mouth Cleaner for Adult

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  • U-shaped single-mouth brush head design, with human body occlusion engineering, 360-degree brushing, liberating your hands.
  • 3D ultrasonic cleaning, intelligent movement, high-speed vibration, vibration 4800-48000 rev / min, eliminating multiple times of plaque
  • One-button switching, one-minute frequency conversion, three kinds of clean teeth care - Cleaning mode, Whitening mode and Massage mode
  • Nano-cold whitening, low-temperature blue light combined with high-permeability silicone anti-allergic tray, 360-degree cleaning of the mouth, do a SPA for your teeth
  • Packing list: 1*Host, 1*Toothbrush head, 1*Charging stand, 1*USB charging cable, 1*Manual

Product Details

Product Description

Product information:

Material: Food grade silicone brush head, ABS body

Rated voltage: 3.7V

Rated power: 5W

Battery capacity: 450 mAh

Vibration frequency: 4800-48000 rev / min

There are four options for the three levels:

1. Strong brushing mode;

2. Comfortable teeth cleaning medium mode;

3. Massage mode for gingiva massage;

4. Whitening mode for teeth whitening.

Size: about 7*6.5CM/2.76*2.56IN


Hands-free: U-shaped single-mouth design allows you to free your hands when brushing your teeth and improve your living efficiency.

Wireless charging: charging time is less than 90 minutes, can be used for more than 1 week for a full charge, it is really energy saving.

AI automatic memory function: it will memorize the user's accustomed mode and it will automatically start from the last used mode in the last time.

Blu-ray whitening: Blu-ray automatically turns on when brushing teeth, sterilizes and disinfects the oral cavity, effectively removes dental calculus, dental plaque, and makes the oral cavity fresh and healthy.

IPX7 Waterproof: it features a all-around IPX7 waterproof seal design.

Working principle:

Just touch the bottom of the power head to start the ultrasonic motor to work with photocatalytic toothpaste,

Use the ultrasonic technology to drive the silicone toothbrush head to vibrate and adjust the appropriate level (cleaning, whitening, massage).

With the rapid vibration of the brush head, the physical cold light can reach the depths of the tooth, and the cleaning effect is very significant;

At the same time, the silicone toothbrush head uses a thin strip of silica gel to wrap the exposed teeth in all directions, so that the teeth can be cleaned without dead corners.

Packing list:


1*Toothbrush head

1*Charging stand

1*USB charging cable


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