Jill Miller Yoga Tune Up Coregeous DVD – Flat Abs & Strong Core Muscles

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  • Yoga Tune Uo Coregeous DVD
  • Strengthens entire core
  • Achieve flat, toned abs
  • Great for recovering from injury
  • Helps prevent injury for dancers and sports people

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Product Description

With over 20 years experience of yoga and shiatsu massage and with invaluable knowledge of the human body, Jill Miller has created Yoga Tune Up to strengthen the entire body and mind. Coregeous is designed to focus on the key core muscles and helps you to improve posture, banish bad habits which lead to pulled muscles and weakness in the lower back, and help you achieve a gorgeously flat stomach.

Many people think that doing plenty of crunches will help them get the toned, flat abs they've always dreamed of, but this can put pressure on the lower back and pelvic floor. It's far more effective to strengthen the whole torso through good posture and exercises that work the muscles in the back as well the abs.

Coregeous is the perfect workout to help keep the core strong, prevent injury and pain and help the body recover after strenuous workouts. With 7 key routines it will not only improve strength but also stability and mobility in the spine and connecting tissues.

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