Foam Roller 2 in 1 Foam Rollers 4 Piece Set for Deep Tissue Muscle Massage, FitBeast Trigger Point Foam Roller Massage for Painful Tight Muscles, Smooth Roller for Rehabilitation and two Massage Balls

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  • 💪【Four-in-One-Set for Deep Tissue Muscle Massage】: Use FitBeast Foam Rollers 4 Piece Set to flush lactic acid from your muscles and increase blood flow with deep tissue massage which will relieve muscle tension in your legs, back and body as well as improve sleep.
  • 💪【Two Different Rollers for Effective Pain Relief】: Use the trigger point foam roller to get right into the deepest muscles in your body, giving you a quick myofascial release. The soft foam roller can not only help ease the pain of shin splints and inflammation but also can prevent your back, shoulders and chest from getting injured because of a hard work-out.
  • 💪【Two Massage Balls for Reducing Tension】: The free massage balls are one of the best massage tools to work on small surface areas throughout the body, especially the shoulders, groin and feet. Foam roller 2 in 1 specifically designed to relief tight and uncomfortable muscles, reduce tension, increase blood circulation and remove toxins.
  • 💪【Eco-Friendly Material Ideal for All Sports】: Our 2 in 1 foam rollers are made from non-toxic and non-hazardous materials which will not hurt your skin. Not only ideal for all sports including running, cycling, yoga and pilates but also suitable for athletic trainers, massage therapists, and health professionals for whole body workouts, rehabilitation, sport injury prevention and post workout to speed recovery.
  • 💪【Easy to Use With Convenient Carry Bag】: The foam rollers set for muscles are easy to use, lightweight and portable. Back foam roller fits easily inside, and you can pack it all up in one handy bag and take it along with you. Each customer of FitBeast enjoys the Lifetime Warranty and Money Back Guarantee.

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AWAKEN POWER ------Take control of your body and get rid of those tense muscles. Fitbeast 2 in 1 Foam Rollers 4 Piece Set, the essentials of your healthy life and say goodbye to expensive sports equipment.

Why choose Fitbeast 2 in 1 Foam Rollers 4 Piece Set

☀Trigger point foam roller: The trigger point foam roller is great for working out knots/tension in your leg muscles. It feels particularly good when used in the shoulder area, since this is where many people hold their tension, and therefore can be beneficial to get relax when used after a long, busy working day.

☀Soft foam roller: The smooth foam roller is ideal for releasing your shoulders, back, arms, neck and tender points on your body. This is also great for deep muscle massage on the inner thigh which can be sensitive. 

☀Massage balls: Ideal for releasing work pressure and aching feet. The massage ball is great for use after long-distance running and when you stand for a long time during the work.

☀Easy to Use With Convenient Carry Bag:The set comes inside a convenient carry bag that can help to store it tidily and to take it with you for use at the gym if required.

Why need Fitbeast 2 in 1 Foam Rollers? 
✔ Get deep relief in your muscles, ease stiff joints, get rid of migraines and muscle tension. Chronic back pain can be dramatically reduced with regular foam rolling.
✔ Avoid getting injured and help recover quickly if get injured by accident.
✔Your sleep quality will be better after a few days of foam rolling.
✔ Release work pressure and enhance your daily performance.

What you get?
❀ A Trigger point foam roller
❀ A Soft foam roller
❀ A lacrosse ball
❀ A spiky massage ball
❀ A stylish carry bag
❀ Foam Roller Paper Guide
❀ Foam Roller PDF Course
❀ Foam Roller Tutorial Video
❀ Lifetime warranty

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