Colloidal Gold 35 ppm

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Colloidal gold 35 ppm colloidal gold 24 ct (mineral tracks) 35 ppm structured distilled water 50 ml/100 ml/1 litre colloidal gold 35 ppm. Our colloidal gold 35 ppm is made with 99.99% pure gold and structured distilled water. Colloidal gold 35 ppm is an authentic and pure product without the addition of stabilisers or ions. Contains 35 ppm of pure gold colloids, created by a constant high current process (electrolysis) which results in the smallest size of nano particles (colloidal) of ruby red cluster of genuine colloidal gold atoms. Colloidal gold water must have a ruby red colour tending to rose. Any other color reveals it's not in its colloidal state so we know we are dealing with a product containing very large particles. Our cloidal gold is in a bio-avable shape due to its molecular structure dwarf. Gold particles vary from 1-40 nanometers. (1 Nanometer is almost 6000 times smaller than red blood cells, divided into atomic dimensions for maximum absorption in the body) It does not contain sediments due to its nanometric size particles making it suspended in the water. Colloidal gold contains 100% gold colloids. You don't need to shake colloidal gold water before use. Cloidal gold is almost tasteless. You also need to keep it out of the fridge and away from electronics. Colloidal gold 35 ppm Preserved in a 50ml, 100ml or 1L Miron UV glass bottle for proper storage. (with the option of dropper or spray applicator on smaller sizes). Delivery in 1-3 business days. Endless shelf life. Recommended use: 1-3 tablespoons per day, preferably on an empty stomach. Diet and nutrition are fundamental to our health mainly in combination with colloidal gold and other trace minerals.

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