CalmingBreath Toadstool Meditation Stool

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  • Single curved leg allow you to "rock" into perfect balance, fine tuning your posture for maximum comfort
  • Angled seat automatically aligns your pelvis relieving pressure on the lower back & knees
  • Neck, shoulders and upper back naturally settle into good posture for calm, alert meditation
  • Sit bones rest just off the back edge which means you won't need a cushion at all.
  • Fits all sizes up to 6ft 4in - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 17.32 x 7.48 x 7.87 inches;
  • ASIN: B009LHWER0
  • Item model number: CB-TDSL-STD
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Product Description

Sit in comfort with the CalmingBreath "Toadstool"
meditation bench.

Hand crafted for optimal balance, the angled seat and
curved foot allow your body to "rock" into perfect alignment.
The Toadstool automatically promotes correct posture by tilting
the pelvis, aligning the upper body and relieving pressure on the
lower back and knees. The extra thick foot curves at the bottom
to allow fine tuning of posture, freeing the mind, and promoting

What makes the CalmingBreath Toadstool so different?

* The seat is angled as well as the foot being curved at
the bottom. This makes finding perfect posture effortless. Your body
will naturally find the best position for contemplation. It's almost
impossible to slump.

* The single leg style allows the legs much more room.
For larger meditators this can be very helpful. It also has tactile side
edges which give your seat an intuitive balance that's very hard to
get wrong.

Measurements and Details

* Bench height 20cm at the back, 15.5 at the front.
* Seat length: 44cm
* Seat width: 19cm
* Seat thickness: 2cm
* Foot width: 8cm

Lifetime Guarantee
If you manage to wear your Calming Breath seat out, we'll be seriously impressed. In fact, we'll be so happy that you're spending so much time meditating that we'll replace it for FREE! Simply send us back the old one along with an address for the replacement. Practice well...

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