Body Revolution Soft Plyometric Jump Box with High Density Foam – 3 Heights 50cm, 60cm and 75cm – Ideal for Crossfit and Strength Training

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  • * 3in1 VARIOUS JUMP HEIGHTS * - The plyometric jump squat box is designed as a cuboid shape to provide 3 various jump heights at 50cm, 60cm and 75cm for a more flexible and dynamic plyo workout to target the lower body. This type of training is ideal for activities such as basketball, football, volleyball, crossfit and tennis due to their need for rapid, explosive movements.
  • * HIGH DENSITY FOAM INTERNAL STRUCTURE WITH DURABLE NON-SLIP, DRY WIPE PVC COVER * - This makes the Plyometric box lightweight (8kg Weight) for use at home or at the gym but sturdy for easier manoeuvrability and stability with some additional cushioning for injury prevention
  • * SOFT PADDED LANDING SURFACE FOR INJURY PREVENTION * - The cushioned foam design is built for the purposes of injury prevention, making it ideal for beginners building confidence to perform box squat jumps without causing injury to the knees and shins. The plyometric box is also ideal for professional athletes making a comeback from injury as the cushioned landing platform reduces impact shock in the hips, knees and ankles.
  • * NO SET UP REQUIRED * - The Plyometric box comes fully assembled, ready to go straight out of the box so that you can begin stepping and jumping as part of a plyometric programme straight away.
  • * FREE UK SHIPPING & EXCELLENT AFTER SALES SERVICE * - We deliver to Mainland UK customers for free and offer a hassle free after sales and returns service. Not UK based? No problem, we can still deliver to most European countries. Please message us for further details.

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Body Revolution Soft Plyometric Jump Squat Box
The Body Revolution Soft Plyometric Jump Box is the perfect plyometric tool for beginners. Unlike the traditional wooden plyometrics boxes, the high density, solid foam interior provides a strong and resilient structure whilst providing additional cushioning to protect knees and shins from the impact of mistimed jumps, helping build confidence in ability to jump with the correct form and posture. As well as protecting users from external bashes and bruises, the soft padded landing surface helps to ease shock absorption through the ankle, knees and hips, ideal for anyone nursing their way back from an injury. The Plyometric Jump Box also features a 3 in 1 various heights feature, enabling jump heights of 50cm, 60cm and 75cm so that you can hop away at a height that is comfortable to you.

The Plyometric Jump Box also includes a non-slip* and durable dry wipe PVC cover for easy cleaning and additional stability

Why Plyometrics?
Plyometrics is a type of workout that uses dynamic and explosive exercises that involve rapid stretching and contracting of compound muscle groups to promote strength, speed and agility, perfect for athletes who take part in explosive sports such as basketball, tennis, football, crossfit or volleyball. Essentially, plyometrics involves a lot of jumping and jump squatting at high intensity.

Expect your entire legs, from the glutes & hamstrings down to your calves to take a real pounding from plyometrics, but expect great rewards in the form of strong, flexible and shapely legs.

*On smooth wooden surfaces such as fitness studios, we would still advise that the box is positioned against a wall to completely prevent slippages

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