Acupressure Wooden Pillow

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  • 11 1/2" (L) x 5" (W) x 3" (H)
  • Four adjustable heights

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Product Description

The wooden pillow has been selling in Asia for hundreds of years. It has been prescribed by health professionals to help patients target pressure points and to improve blood circulation. This proven device has a profound effect in easing tension and enhancing the blood circulation. It is used to massage and target tension areas to improve circulation. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, please consult your doctor before using this device. Wooden Pillow: Stretch your neck before using the device. When massaging your neck, if the muscles are tender and sensitive, rest for a couple of days. Warning: New users may experience some degree of discomfort, take it slow until the body becomes familiar with the device. Neck: First know the right level to put the device on the neck. You may add a small towel for comfort. Make sure the back of the head is not touching the floor and the face is parallel to the ceiling. Massage the back of the neck for 1 minute by rolling the head side to side. Rest in between before repeating the process. Upper Back: While lying down, place the upper back on the device and stretch for 10 seconds to release tension. Cross the arms over the shoulders and rock side to side to massage the upper back. Lower Back: While sitting down on the floor with both legs stretched out, place the device with all three levels under the buttocks and gently lay the body down . Breathe for 10 seconds to stretch the lower back and bend the knees. Rock side to side massaging the lower back for 1-2 minutes. Lift the hips to remove the bottom level and repeat the above process until the device is completely removed from the lower back. The device may be placed on any part of the body to massage the pressure points to improve circulation. If encountering extreme discomfort, we suggest moving to another position. Do not prolong one position too long.

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