Walking Accessories that are extremely helpful – Part 2 of 2

In the first part, we talked about walking accessories like pedometers and heart monitors. In this one, we will discuss general accessories required for walking, running or other outdoor activities that you require

Walking and Exercise Belts:

I have been always annoyed by things in my pocket while I am walking. If you have keys, the sound of them clanging together with each other is extremely annoying. Add to that modern smartphones, wallets and other essentials that are carried in the pocket and this creates for a truly miserable experience.

For such problems, the best accessory to have is a walking belt that comes with storage. Although it is the same as a fanny pack, a walking belt is much advanced version of the age old product. These products are ergonomically designed in such a way that they do not harm the body with any repetitive stress injury. This makes using them extremely safe and beneficial.

Most of these belts come with extra space where you can store your smart phone, wallet and keys absolutely safely. Innovations in modern science have ensured that the materials used in these products are water resistant. This makes these products doubly effective – not only the things stored within the pockets will be safe from perspiration; they will also remain safe in case you are stuck in the rain.

Biggest Benefit:

Hands free walking experience with the belief that your documents and important items are absolutely safe from rain, sweat and casual loss. No annoying sounds while walking and safety of electronic equipment.

Walking Sticks:
Although not necessary for all age groups, walking sticks are essential if you are unfortunately suffering from some problems with your knees, joints, old age related problems or live in suburban areas where they may come in handy in case of rain or protection against small animals.

They are a great accessory and also come handy in camping trips and hikes.

Biggest Benefit:
Extremely useful when walking terrain is slippery or has elevations in it.

Sweat Shirts and Comfortable Walking Pants:

Comfortable clothing results in better walking experience. Buy a few set of exercising clothes and other essentials that you can keep exchanging for your everyday walks.

In most cases it is important to purchase high quality comfortable exercise clothes. Since you will be walking every day unlike gym which in most cases is based on alternate days, it is necessary that you have more than one pair with you. Ideally, if you have 5 pairs, you will not have to worry about doing laundry every second day.

Biggest Benefit:
Chose fabric that is comfortable on your skin and helps you avoid walking rashes

Shoes and Socks:

Lastly, you have to have proper walking gear that takes care of your ankles and distributes stress evenly. Good shoes will provide you with comfort and ease and the whole walking experience will become comfortable.

The same goes for socks, woolen socks are ideal as they not only absorb perspiration, they reduce odors that can be generated in socks.

Biggest Benefit:

Good shoes and socks take care of your feet and joints.

Photo credit: Bev Goodwin / Foter / CC BY