The Weight Loss Challenge – start a new life today!!


As the saying goes “The best day to start was yesterday, however since that is not possible, today will do”   This has been one of my favorite saying for some time now. I can tell you that when I was struggling with some of my own issues, this saying really helped me.
The problem with weight loss is that it is an extremely difficult process. There are so many tasty distractions around us that it becomes difficult to stay away from them. Some of us are unlucky to have bodies that find it easy to gain weight – scientific research has proven that some bodies are inclined to have a higher equilibrium weight and they try to reach that weight regardless of our efforts.
This may be an excuse to be obese, but that is not the reason why someone should not try to stay healthy and lose weight.
This post is in continuation to the post that we had over here about the New Year Resolution. Almost three months have passed since the dawn of 2015 and it is a good time to reflect on the progress of how the weight loss challenge or resolution has been going.
So answer this question honestly, have you been happy with your weight loss regime in the last three months?
How many times did you let temptation overwhelm you into making decisions that you later had to regret?
Was it easy for you to follow a simple plan so far?
A few years ago I read an interesting research about heart patients who suffer a stroke or cardia arrest. Two thirds of them despite having a cardiac arrest that almost curtailed their life prematurely revert back to activities that brought them in the hospital in the first place. This includes smoking, drinking and over eating to mention a few activities.

Scientists observed that the one third who managed to refrain from their previous lifestyle used the power of regular enforced motivation. They created charts, motivational posters around the house, placed stickers on the fridge to constantly provide them motivation to avoid their bad habits. In turn, they manage to not succumb to their temptations while the others found it hard to do so.
Hence this is the purpose of the post – to reinforce the promise that you made to yourself over the New Year’s Eve to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
It must have been difficult and trust me on that, I can totally understand the struggle that it is. However you have to keep faith in your abilities and stay strong and not worry about the progress.
If you manage to control some of your temptations and even if you have not lost as much weight as you wanted by now, worry not.
I always say that losing weight is not about the end goal, losing weight is about enjoying the process for a healthy lifestyle. Even if you are not exactly at the weight that you wanted to be by now, as long as you are managing the process, it is great.
Remember your weight loss challenge and keep trying – even if you are not there now, you will be there eventually.
#Believe Photo credit: globalcosmic / Foter / CC BY