Stay young, stay green, stay clean – keep walking (Part 4 of 4)

In the last part of this series of blog posts, I will close of the benefits of walking by going in detail in some of the benefits that are easily ignorable but have extreme importance in life. Like many things, we sometimes forget that the end results are not certain milestones but happiness from the activity itself. An activity may not offer us many benefits except the fact that it makes us happy and that is actually very important for our wellbeing. The best part about walking is, not only it is great for our wellbeing; it also has great potential to make us happy.
  1. Increase energy levels when you walk!
In order to understand energy and how the human body works, first I will give you a simple example however you may or may not be able to relate to this example. A lot of times we wake up in the morning and we feel that we are still tired despite having a good night’s sleep, also sometimes, we spend the whole day resting and relaxing yet still feel tired at the end of the day. Such paradoxes are confusing because a body should not feel tired after a day of rest but it does. The contrary situation to that occurs when we have performed a physical task that requires a lot of energy from us yet we still feel refreshed and energetic once we accomplish them. The energy boost has to do a lot with hormones that run within our body. When physical activities reach a certain stimulation point, the brain order certain hormones to be released which help alleviate blood pressure, control oxygen intake, increase muscle cleansing and remove toxins which tire us from our body at a faster speed. This kick is often felt in extreme physical sports however a similar and long lasting effect can also be created by simple walking. The increased energy boost may not be as obvious as compared to after or during a game of soccer or cricket but it certainly will help you get refreshed and feel active.
  1. Walking makes people happy!

I have kept the last and most important benefit till the end. Studies concluded have shown that moderate exercise like brisk and sustained walking can act as antidepressants. Spending time in the nature, looking at trees and going for strolls has shown decreased blood pressure and stress levels and continuous exposure to nature during a walk has shown a general increase in overall health and happiness. I will not go into the detail of the last benefit, I want you to try this for yourself and tell me if that actually works for you. Stay green, stay clean and keep walking!
Photo credit: / Foter / CC BY