Looks vs. Health: What should your weight loss target be?

A bikini body or a healthy body that you are comfortable in – this is the question that you must ponder when you are setting yourself a weight loss target.

I am not sure how are you feeling about yourself currently, or how you normally feel about your body but it is always great to have a constant and clear objective ahead of you.

When you start the weight loss program, you should define a very clear objective for yourself and while it is great to wish for a perfect bikini body or have a body like “Taylor Swift” or “Nicole Kidman” – setting such a difficult target is often detrimental instead of beneficial.

I will try to remain objective and mention some pros and cons for both objectives. You can decide on your own which route you should take
Emphasis on Looks vs Health debate:

Why targeting a certain look can be helpful:
  • A clear target that you can achieve if you strive really hard\

  • Great for self-esteem – the modern day beauty standards are difficult to achieve but if you manage to get them; they really help you feel good about yourself

  • A great source of motivation: if you follow some famous celebrity, you can always find instant motivation in trying to look like them

  • An audacious goal lets you test your determination like nothing else. You will be able to work hard as you will constantly get motivation


Why targeting a healthy image is helpful:

  • When you are focused on long term benefits, you often work at your own pace and are able to control more variables

  • The weight loss process is different for every single individual. Some people may lost weight but have broad shoulders or body parts in a specific shape. No matter how much work or effort you put in your exercise or routine, you will be unable to get them in the shape that you desire. Such a scenario can lead to instant demoralization and the feeling of throwing in the towel. In such instances, it is better to have focus on weight loss and enjoying the process rather than having a certain objective about looks.

  • Weight loss in itself should be a process that leads to your happiness. If your happiness is compromised because you are unable to keep up with your target, you will end up having self-esteem issues and feel depressed. The depression will ultimately lead to over eating and problems which are deeper and will cause plenty of damage

At the end of the day, whether you want to have a bikini perfect body or look like Victoria’s Secret next top model, the choice is completely yours and you are the one who is in control of your body. Since every person works in a different manner, it is different for each individual. Some people work better when they have a target image of someone who they want to look like, some people find it more encouraging when they have a long term ambition which is not in any way controlled by any external pressure.

For weight loss, it is imperative that you should follow the route that provides you with higher motivation. Not only motivation, your chosen route should allow you a longer period of high motivation. Once you manage to have consistent desire – it is immaterial that which means provide you constant desire.

You should always remember, you and you alone control your body and work for the betterment of your body at all times. Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer / Foter / CC BY-SA Photo credit: cjnew / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND