How to fat proof your body?


Dr. Ellyn Satter has been working as a dietitian and nutrition counselor for almost about 30 years and when she talks about a healthy life – she truly understands what she is talking about. If her experience has taught her anything, it is that many of us are unhappy with the weight that we carry. The key she says to maintain a comfortable weight lies in the simple things in life – things that we often and easily ignore. Even given the powerful influence of genes, the great news is that once you are able to follow the simple guideline, you will be able to fat proof your body. The best part is, the early you start with your habits, the better results you will have.
Selecting regular mean times and specifying maximum quantities: The healthy and positive way of managing diet relies on internal cues of hunger, appetite and satiety. Diets do not work as they are imagined; in fact they create conflicts leading to less health. Establish regular eating patterns, no odd time snacks and slip in some “sinful” foods from time to time as well. The key though remains in knowing not to overeat and make a habit of it. Once your body realizes that eating times are fixed, it will be able to adjust its metabolic activities according to those specific times. You will observe weight loss within the first few weeks and not only that, it will be a regular weight loss till a natural point – meaning a loss in excess fat without losing out on muscle.

Remove food cues: If there is a visual reminder of food chances are you will succumb to the urge of eating. It looks good to have a cookie jar at your work desk, even having sweets at home visible to eyes makes for a pleasant looking and snacks are often visible when you are relaxing and watching television or doing an activity of interest. The more stimuli there are available, the more your body will have cravings for food. Remove elements from daily life that lead to having food urges at the wrong times of the day (by wrong times it is meant that times when it is not appropriate to eat according to your schedule). Once you have gotten rid of your urges, you will be hungrier at the time specified for eating and your body will be anticipating food.
Enjoy slow relaxed eating: You will have time to enjoy food and find the natural stopping point by yourself if you eat slowly. The stomach is a storage muscle, it takes time filling up. The faster you eat the more chance of overeating you have. Slow eating helps the muscle settle while more food is still being consumed by you. The slow eating technique and the delay before second helpings are not tricks to just eat less only; they are also methods to help your body be sensitive about hunger and appetite. The more you use this technique, the more you will have an ability to regulate the amount that fulfills you naturally. Remember, the satisfaction point comes before your stomach is entirely cramped with food. For digestion, the stomach needs space to contract as well. Once you eat slowly, the stomach will be re-assessing the cues to stop while eating. This will make for comfortable eating and easier digestion. A double benefit, indeed!!!

Be comfortable with your weight: Do not feel embarrassed if you are carrying a few extra pounds or kilos and try to treat yourself with more respect. There is no reason that you should think differently if you are overweight, chances are that if dealt with properly, you will be able to lose weight and be back in shape. Negative attitude will only make matters worse for you, it only creates negative energy leading to low self-esteem and further eating disorders. While comfort eating is not considered as healthy, sometimes it is required and helps us to get motivated. Motivation plays a great role in generating positive energy for us, which in turn helps us to overcome difficult odds. Do not treat yourself differently in any manner; losing weight is difficult but not impossible. Once you are in the right frame of mind, you will be able to overcome such problems. Criticizing yourself may lead to depression – and this is one dark alley that you should try to stay away as much as possible.

Encourage exercise: The best way to do exercise is to do what comes naturally. There is no rocket science behind this simple fact. If you feel uncomfortable in the gym, do not rush yourself to a gym. Calories are burned by doing many simple things and any one of those activities is a good exercise for you. If you prefer walking rather than jogging, go for long walks. If you prefer a treadmill to jogging parks, go to a gym (unless you have one of your own). Encourage any form of recreation that you can do regularly and take full interest in it. Create an opportunity to do what you like and do it regularly.

If you consistently use the methods mentioned above, odds are that you will be able to effectively fat proof your body. At the very least, you will have a great shot at living a long, healthy and stress free life. Once you are practicing these simple tips, you will begin to see results in a matter of weeks. The best thing to do though is to start with these as early as possible, the sooner you get these habits, the better you will be managing your own body. Gluttony is not an easy thing to get rid of, you will never be completely immune to it, but adapting these simple steps, you will be better prepared for it and most importantly, your body will have developed enough immunity to remain fat free – totally worth trying!!!

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