How can walking regularly, change your life for the better? (Part 3/3)


Not only walking is beneficial for our internal organs, walking plays an important role in the health of our feet – yes our feet that we often do not even bother to think about.

David Goysett, expert podiatrist at the Third Space Medical center in London’s Soho states, “Our feet were made for walking. And that’s exactly what they should do. It’s the best way of exercising the 50-odd muscles we have in our feet. This is becoming increasingly important as we become more sedentary. Just like any other muscle in the body, you have to exercise it to keep it healthy and able to maintain its function. When you don’t exercise them, the muscles become weaker.”

He further goes on about how important it is to manage foot health through walking. “The 26 bones within the foot, plus its ligaments, are exercised gently by walking, so they are not in danger of stress”. This is not as simple as it may always seem, after a long walk Goysett recommends that you should take good care of your fee.  “It’s a good idea to stretch them out, much as you would any other muscle after exercise. That should reduce any aches and pains the following day.”

There is also another area of grave concern that I will touch in some other future post and that will revolve around the posture and way of walking. Although walking comes natural to us, not all of us are doing it right. This may come as a surprise to a lot of individuals but the fact is, not all of us are walking right. Odd as it may sound, even a simple activity like breathing requires careful manipulation and although all of us are breathing, not all of us are breathing right.

Summarizing this post in points

  1. Walking can help you with alleviate your physical strength: If done properly and regularly, walking can help you tone your body muscles and provide you with endurance.

  1. Walking helps both internal and external organs to function better.

  1. Walking has more medical benefits than we know of yet. A regular rhythmic walk can help in better cardiovascular health, better secretion, stronger immunity and resistance to disease and can help improve mental condition. People suffering from stress can find walking beneficial.

  1. Walking helps create better personal image raising self-esteem for different people. In a world where we are all faced with bullying, walking can provide a relaxing activity where people can enjoy their own mental space and get healthy.

  1. Walking helps in getting strong legs and feet. Although feet are very important, their health is often ignored.

I hope this article will get your interest back in walking. With your memories refreshed and ambition ready, let us get walking!

Photo credit: ro_buk [I’m not there] via / CC BY-NC