For the love of the Greens – Vegetables that you must start eating immediately!!


When I was a kid, I remember my mom telling me to eat my greens. I of course was not a very difficult child but my other siblings were not as easy going as me and often finishing the greens became a challenge for them.

I can though safely say that ever since that time, I have had a great interest in eating vegetables like peas, cucumbers, broccoli and spinach (just to name a few). Things that most of the people find difficult to eat or get used to as kids

It may not make you strong like Popeye, but Spinach is an excellent source of vital minerals available in nature. It is rich in folic acid and iron making it a wonderful supplement.

Spinach is also rich in anti-oxidants and it has extremely high fiber content (which is true for most greens).

If you can get fresh young leaves of Spinach you can use it freely in your salads.

Spinach Recipe that you must try:
  Palak Paneer:
Traditionally an Indian Recipe that has been a centerpiece of vegetarian dining. Palak (Spinach) Paneer (a form of cheese made from milk) are fried together with herbs and spices in vegetable oil to create a rich extravaganza of taste.

Even meat lovers who find it difficult to have their meals in absence of meat will not be able to find any flay in this rich recipe. Although this may not be an ideal recipe if you are watching your weight but if eaten moderately, it can provide a rich exotic taste with the benefits of spinach.
Check your local Indian Restaurant or search online for authentic recipe to fully enjoy this amazing dish.
Peas:   A source of vegetable protein with very little fat and loads of slow carbohydrates (based on the GI method), peas provides an ideal source of nourishment.
Dishes based on peas are consumed in almost all cultures. The problem is that even as boiled peas are rich in nutrients they often are a food that children do not fully appreciate. If the children dislike peas, chances are that when they grow to become adults, they will still not be very fond of peas.
Pea recipe that you must try   Aaloo Matar Gajar (Potatoes, peas and Carrots)

This is another traditional Indian recipe that you can make with ease and comfort. This is a very common dish which is eaten by millions of vegetarians in Asia.

Instead of boiling the ingredients in water, take some oil and onions and fry them till the onions are golden brown. Add potatoes, carrots and peas and add spices of your choice. In order to even add more flavors, you can add chopped or grated tomatoes first in the pan of olive oil and let them fry before adding onions and other vegetables.

Common spices include cumin, coriander, ginger, cinnamon and cloves. You can use any or all based on your preference. Add salt according to your taste and you will have a wonderful vegetarian lunch or dinner ready for you.
In our next article, we will find more green vegetables for you and find you some traditional recipes that you can enjoy!!!

Photo credit: knittymarie / Foter / CC BY-SA