Fit Life: How to convert weight loss from a chore to a lifestyle


Weight loss is a three step journey

  • In the first step, you realize you have a problem and try thinking about losing weight
  • In the second step, you work out, eat less and lose weight
  • In the third step, you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that you do not gain again

For most people, the most difficult phase is the third step.

Weight loss regime is a hard regime; it takes tons of motivation and effort to lose weight. Distractions are everywhere – you go on social media and all you see are people posting food of their gorgeous lunches and dinners. You try going out with friends and family and their major question is “where should we go out tonight?” This does not end here, even if you are trying out for a date, dinner will somehow appear on the “menu”.

Running away from such distractions is difficult and often the hardest part of the weight loss program.

For all people striving for weight loss – the final output often results on accepting a lifestyle that provides them support for weight loss.

The best strategy to create a healthy life style:

  1. Enjoy the Process:

Like everything else – start basic and try to continue building on the gains.
In order for your long term happiness, you have to enjoy the whole process and not just the final output. It is difficult to like vegetable smoothies from the start but give it time and hopefully you will be able to enjoy them as well.
Fat cravings or sugar cravings are difficult to fight at first and you end up losing more battles than winning but you can always channel these cravings to safer healthier alternatives. If you really like sugar, get used to “Stevia Extract”. It may take some time but eventually you will get used to it and start liking it.
Consider your current situation every day and strive to improve it – the final goal should not always be just weight loss; it should be your happiness and health.

  1. Take your time:

It is really important that you set yourself up for success by taking time. It is good and nice to lose twenty pounds over a two month period but the grueling process that you will be undergoing will make you hate a lot of the time that you will be following the process.
The knee-jerk reaction is going to only create long term problems for you and you will be hoping for the period to end.
I cannot put more emphasis on going slowly and steadily. I advocate walking and although it may be taken as just a marketing ploy, there is nothing better than regular and steady work out.
The human body has endured centuries of evolution yet many of the basics remain the same – the muscles become stronger and endurance is built over time. Look at marathon runners, they take time to build their endurance and ultimately reach a goal that many of us can only dream about.

SO MANY PEOPLE forget that if they are unable to carry on something regularly, they will be UNABLE to create a habit. YOU CAN DO IT, I really believe that and for that you have to start steadily and keep building on good habits.

Create a lifestyle of weight loss only by ENJOYING the process. Photo credit: befiitter / Foter / CC BY