6 Health food hot trends of 2014-15

Instant health

Instant health

With the rise of internet and social media, people are more aware about their health and eating habits. People are now encouraged to find information about managing their lifestyle in healthier ways. Here I have selected six of the hottest trends of 2014-15 which are re-shaping the way of food consumption. Losing weight is not about pills, dieting and grueling exercise anymore; it is more about eating healthy and taking care of your body. The six trends can help you curb out bad food habits, gain muscles and lose fat, all with a lot of fun.
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Breakfast is back!

Breakfast is back with a bang and it is here to stay for some time in the near future. Studies have revealed that in order to stay healthy, active and lose weight; breakfast acts as the most important meal of the day. People who tend to skip breakfast are 35% more like to gain additional weight, have sleep problems and have urges for fatty foods.

Vegetable protein alternatives:

Protein is a necessary food item as any health nut will tell you. Protein helps you to have a consistent muscle mass thus fighting away the fatty tissues inside the human body. More and more people will be trying to pack more proteins in their diet to stay fit and active. Vegetable and plant based proteins will continue to help people lose weight and tone their body shape.

Eating clean to stay lean:

The human body is designed to perform at its optimal if all food group intakes are balanced. Adding variety and eating clean will continue to rise as a food trend in 2014 and 2015. 2013 saw the rise of alternative options of traditional foods like sweet potatoes avocadoes, lentils and black beans. These foods are an ideal replacement for both taste and benefit, providing the body with more nutrients and putting less pressure on the internal system. Eating unprocessed and fresh food provides body with antioxidants, nutrients and minerals which help fight aging and cardiovascular problems. The best way to reduce weight is by decreasing serving of processed food while increasing intake of fresh food. Cutting out on processed foods, drinks and snacks can go a long way in getting a better body form.


Photo credit: garlandcannon / Foter / CC BY

Seafood all the way:

Seafood is not only about meat coming from sea. Globalization has impacted restaurant menus and more and more sea weeds from exotic locations are now appearing on them. Sea weeds along with fish are an excellent source of vitamins, proteins and good kind of fat providing support for weight loss and muscle gain.

Say good-bye to diet thinking;

Less is not always better when it comes to weight loss. It is very easy to get consumed in the idea that eating less or cutting out on food will help you lose weight. Research has proven that human body oscillates back to its ideal weight even in unfavorable conditions. The key to maintain a steady weight is through a combination of healthy eating and active living. In order to maintain energetic for an active lifestyle 2014-15 is seeing the rise of bigger servings of alternative healthier foods. Tofu instead of meat, nuts, beans and fibrous grain is replacing the traditional processed food items without cutting down the amount of food, instead in some cases increasing serving size and frequency but still losing weight.

Cooking your way to better health:

The rise of social media has created a generation that is reversing the trend of take-away and fast food eating. Cooking not only provides recreational relaxation, it is a source to channel the interior creativity. No time in human history has seen so many options available for recipes as now. People are taking up cooking and creating safe and healthier recipes for their consumption. The option to create healthy snacks instead of supermarket snacks is a game changer and helps a great deal in staying in shape.